WASE Rescue Diver Course

Leila Diving Center Olbia

During a WASE Rescue Diver course you learn to recognize and prevent possibile problems before they become potentially dangerous and, incase of an actual problem, how to deal with the situation in the most effective manner. Besides being a more watchful diving buddy, a rescue diver is also a safer diver.

Day 1 of the course consists of excercises in a swimming pool and theory in a classroom. You’ll learn how to take care of a panicked diver, bring back to surface a diver that lost consciousness and give mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. During the theory part, you’ll learn to spot a diver’s distress signals and minimize the risks associated to the various diving emergencies.

Days 2 and 3 are spent on a boat or beach in order to perform diving emergencies simulations, conducting underwater searches, learn how to use the available resources in the best way, administer oxygen and artificial ventilation techniques while at sea. The instructor will try to catch you off-guard simulating emergency situations!

After completing the WASE Rescue Diver course and getting the relative certification, with five WASE specialties you can then enroll in WASE Master Scuba Diver COURSE. This is the highest qualification among the non-professional ones in WASE training system. Reaching the WASE Master Scuba Diver level will show that you have achieved a remarkable level of experience and skills in a wide range of underwater environments.


  • Two and a half day
  • Swimming pool and theory
  • Dives will start from boat or beach
  • Kids 12-14 can get a WASE Junior Rescue Diver certification.


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